Understanding Questions: “What does it feel like to …”

Hi Jonathan,

This sentence is from Blinktrainer:

“Can you tell me what it feels like to ski?”

I think I know the meaning but want to check.

What’s a good way to describe and understand this question?

A good way to help understand the question is to think about how it would be answered.

You would be looking for one of two things, usually: adjectives or metaphors/similes/comparisons.

“It feels exhilarating.”
“It’s exhausting.”
“It makes your legs ache when you try to avoid doing a split all the time.”
“It feels like you’re flying.”
“It feels like you’re about to fall down but somehow never do.”
“It feels like you’re about to face plant until you remember to lean into the mountain.”

(Look up pictures of “face plant” if you don’t know it. It’s a good phrase for parents of young kids.)

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