Comfortable vs. Cozy

Comfortable vs Cozy

Hi Jonathan,

Today when we were practicing sentences in class, you said that you couldn’t use “cozy” in place of “comfortable”.

Why not?

This is one of those times when the difference is best felt and understood by checking both words in Google Images.

Look for the common things, and look for the consistent differences.

After you check the pictures, what is the main difference between the two words?



Comfortable for people, cozy for environment?

Nope. “This is a comfortable room.” is OK.

“Spot the difference.” What’s one kind of thing or feeling in all of the cozy pictures that is not in all of the comfortable pics?

House? Fire?



Farther away. 😉

“Cozy” usually has a feeling of warmth. Sometimes this warmth is because the space is small. But look at the pictures … fire, blankets, thick socks, tea, etc.

There might also be a sense of being warm when things are cold, particularly.

Tea in summer: not cozy. Tea to warm up in winter: cozy. (With other things, of course.)

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